What we do

We can convert your old videos in tired, hard to use and fragile formats into modern, durable digital formats.

We accept VHS videos and Compact-VHS, MiniDV, 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8 camcorder tapes. We then capture these from our top-grade video equipment and create DVDs or, if you prefer, files on a USB memory stick from the results.

A VHS CassetteWe can cope with complex orders (2 of these, 1 of those, 3 extra copies of number 3). If your order instructions won’t fit on the form then just write it up and we’ll do it. If anything is not clear to us, we’ll contact you to check.


Pricing for Video Conversions – Create a Video DVD from:                             


Any type of tape up to 63 mins   – £7.95 each
Any type of tape up to 120 mins  – £9.95 each
Any type of tape up to 180 mins  – £11.95 each
For longer tapes simply add £2.00 per hour

Additional copies of any DVD – £4.00 each

If you prefer your videos on a USB memory stick, the conversion costs are the same. The only extra charge is for the memory stick itself which is £8 for 8GB holding around 3-5 hours, £16 for 16GB for 6-10 hours, £25 for 32GB holding 12-20 hours. We can also do larger ones, and will hold the price at £25 as a thank you for a larger order (for MP4 and MPG formats only).  We suggest use of the MP4 format as this works across PC, Mac, Android and iPad, but can generate any other format you prefer.

Free Postage for orders above £100, otherwise £5.95 – all consignments go by Royal Mail. Free collection and delivery within 5 miles of BS7 for orders of £100 or more, within 50 miles for orders of £500 or more. Otherwise £2 per mile with a £20 minimum. If you prefer, you can drop off and collect from us in Bristol BS7.

Questions? Hopefully you’ll find answers on our FAQ page, if not get in touch and ask, we’re always happy to help.