Whether it’s one tape or 100, we are happy to help. Ordering couldn’t be simpler. For smaller orders or straightforward larger ones, just use our easy order form to describe your order – you can download it in MS Excel here, or in PDF here. For anything more complex, such as large orders with combinations of different media to be converted, you can either write up your instructions on a clean sheet of paper, or on Post-It notes attached to each item to be converted. We find it works best if you do both! If anything is unclear, we’ll contact you so be sure to leave a phone number and an email address. Oh, and don’t forget to drop us a note at orders@videoconvert.co.uk to let us know it’s coming!

If anything is not clear, drop us a line at enquiry@videoconvert.co.uk, or by phone at 0117 230 0649.

Your options then are:

1. We collect from you. £2 per mile from BS7 to cover both collection and delivery with a £20 minimum charge (ie if you are 12 miles away, one payment of £24 will cover both collection and delivery).

2. You can drop off your order to us. Please do let us know in advance when to expect you, to be sure we’ll be here to meet you.

3. By Post. We use Royal Mail and strongly recommend you do the same. Pack up your order, including a signed copy of the order form and send it to us at: Virtuous Video, 68 Church Road, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 8SE

We will return your originals, along with all conversions within 10 working days, but usually sooner.

There is no need to pay in advance, we will process your order and let you know the final cost by email once it’s complete. You can then pay us in a number of ways:

1. Cash is fine if you are collecting your order – please don’t send it through the post, though.

2. Cheques – please make them payable to Virtuous Networking Ltd.

3. Card payments are welcome – your email invoice will include a link to safely pay by card.

4. Paypal – as for card payments, your email invoice will include a Paypal link.

5 PAYM & PingIt – these are new mobile payments systems, we are registered as Virtuous Networking on 07500 660649.

6 Bank Transfer – details on request.

Please note, we will ask for a deposit before travelling a distance to collect an order, or for large orders (more than 50 tapes). This deposit is of course treated as part payment for your final bill.

Many thanks for trusting us with your treasured items, we will be sure to treat them as carefully as we do our own.