What camcorder formats can you accept?
We can convert any of the popular camcorder formats:
• Compact VHS (also known as VHS-C), this is the one that fits in a larger tape adapter and then goes in a standard VHS recorder.
• MiniDV
• Video8
• Hi8
• Digital8
We don’t do cine film or Betamax, sorry.

What type of tape do I have?
There is a very comprehensive guide covering everything you’ll ever see here: http://www.arts.texas.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/video.pdf. Most of them are professional formats, you’re unlikely to have anything other than VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, MiniDV, Video8, Digital8 and Hi8.

How long will it take to convert my tapes?
For orders up to 20 tapes, we would normally turn these around in a week, often less. Larger orders may take longer, just let us know if you need your order back by a particular day – we’ll give you an honest answer if it’s doable.

I need a tape converted urgently – can you do that?
Usually yes for orders of up to 5 tapes, ask and we’ll give you an honest answer. Your tapes and DVDs will be returned either same day or next day depending on when you can get them to us. Urgent orders are at double the cost of normal orders.

What file format should I choose for my USB?
For the vast majority of users, we suggest MP4. This is a modern widely supported format , and works on Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, Smart TVs and practically every streaming device available. If you’re not sure what you want, then you almost certainly want MP4. If you have a particular target device in mind, let us know and we can tailor the files to that device. If you have a preference for a particular format then just ask, we can generate almost any format.

Will these USB files work on my tablet/streamer/widget/TV?
If you choose MP4, then almost certainly yes. If you are not sure what your viewing device is capable of, then get in touch and ask at enquiry@videoconvert.co.uk. In the unlikely event we don’t know, then we’ll send you a sample which you can try out to be sure.
One thing to watch is the format of the USB stick. We generally use FAT32 where possible but if file sizes demand it we need to use exFAT. Unfortunately most streaming TVs do not recognise exFAT. (If you want to use your USB in a TV, let us know and we’ll use FAT32 format on the stick and split the files into smaller chunks.) The actual MP4 files are the same regardless.

What sort of USB memory sticks do you use?
We use only top quality branded USB memory sticks, usually Kingston, Lexar or Sandisk, for all orders needing up to 128GB of storage, that’s roughly 60-80 hours of video depending on the quality of the source files (contrary to what you might expect, better quality originals generally produce smaller output files). They are brand new, and supplied in their original packaging. For larger orders above 128GB we’ll supply a portable USB drive. USB sticks will be formatted as FAT32 if the files are under 4GB, or exFAT if any are larger. The sticks and drives are of course yours to keep.
If you would prefer something else, eg only using sticks, or a particular type of stick or drive, or formatting it as FAT32 rather than exFAT (eg for some TVs), then just let us know.

How will you format my USB stick/drive?
We generally use exFAT as this provides the best compatibility between Mac and Windows, but not all streaming TVs recognise this. If you want to use your USB in a TV, let us know and we’ll use FAT32 format on the stick. The actual files on the USB are the same regardless.

How can I pay?
There is no need to pay in advance, we will process your order and let you know the final cost by email once it’s complete. You can then pay us in a number of ways:
1. Cash is fine if you are collecting your order – please don’t send it through the post, though.
2. Cheques – please make them payable to Virtuous Networking Ltd.
3. Card payments are welcome – your email invoice will include a link to safely pay by card.
4. Paypal – as for card payments, your email invoice will include a Paypal link.
5. PAYM & PingIt – these are mobile payments systems, we are registered as Virtuous Networking on 07500 660649.
6. Bank Transfer – details are on your email invoice.
Please note, we will ask for a deposit before travelling a distance to collect an order, or for large orders (more than 50 tapes). This deposit is of course treated as part payment for your final bill.